Located in Metchosin BC, Shiloh Music Studio offers guitar lessons in various styles, guitar repair, and multi-track recording services, as well as live sound engineering, equipment rentals and consultation services.


Founded by Joshua Shiloh Mansfield, in a spare room, many, many years ago..... Shiloh Music Studio was born of a dream that anyone who comes to the studio will leave with a deeper knowledge and love of music. It is a place to learn, to listen, to practice and perform and to inspire.....  


Joshua's love of music began early in life. Growing up in local churches and surrounded by music, Joshua first took an interest in guitar when he was ten years old. He began formal studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Victoria in 1995 and studied Classical guitar for seven years under Robert Mayne, Murray Vissure and finally Dr. Craig Bickel, attending master classes and adjudication from Dr. Alexander Dunn and Dr. Randy Pile. At this time he formed groups with colleagues and played at local churches, weddings and other venues around Victoria and the lower mainland. In High school he began to teach privately in his home and at Heart Beat Music School and later worked as the Guitar Repair Technician and a part time teacher for Tom Lee Music, Victoria. Joshua continues to study with various teachers including Sherman Sheldon and Loren Little.